About Natana


I’m a just girl trying express herself, understand herself, and hell, understand life. I’m a girl trying to figure out what it means to thrive.

And artist? That’s how I figure it all out. That’s what this girl does, whether she likes it or not, its how life passes through her fingers, eyes, mouth and nose …. by making it something you see, taste, touch, hear and smell. All she has is her small experience, but she’ll share it and hope that it reshapes the world.

This girl makes paintings, tears them up and puts them back together – just like herself – torn up and put back together. After all, broken things are beautiful. This girl puts elegance and simplicity side-by-side with chaos. That’s life. Sometimes it opens up wide and easy and other times its a storm. This girl wants to bring a different space into the world. A space where people see themselves, the good and the bad. She wants to create the “I-get-it” moment for whatever “it” is and usher in enlightenment, so that for a time, others forget or better remember the world.

I’m just a girl, but I can change perception, and therefore, change reality.